Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Under-Skirt Tutorial

Step 1: Start out with a slip.  I chose a white slip that was 16 in. long.  I am 5'3"  and this hit right above my knees.  Choose the length is best for you!  You might want to measure the lengths of your skirts so the slip is long enough but doesn't show.  Do the same if you are making this for little girls.
Step 2: Buy the same color of tulle as your slip.  I bought 2 yards of tulle so I didn't have to piece it together.  If you want to piece it together just over lap it a little.  Don't sew along the small edges of the tulle because you will see it. 
Cut the tulle into a piece 6 1/2 in. X 2 yards.
Step 3: Now change the setting on your machine to the widest stitch available.  Mine is a 6.0.  Sew along the edge of the tulle.  Make sure you do NOT back stitch.
Step 4:  Pull ONE of the threads and it will bunch up like this!
Step 5:  Pin it to the bottom of your slip.  You can make it as full as you want.
Step 6: Sew it together.  Make sure you have changed your settings back to a normal stitch!
Step 7 (optional):  Sew it again a little closer to the edge.
This is the other side!
Finished project!
Before                                                                 After

Try one in black too!
Happy Twirling!

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