Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pantry Overhaul

Our pantry is finally done.  It all started last summer when I found Shelley from houseofsmiths.blogspot.com.   She posted her pantry makeover.  I fell in love with her blog.  She is very talented.  I love her ideas, style, pretty much everything she does!

Here is my finished pantry :).  It took so long because I started, stopped, filled it up with Christmas presents, then finally finished it.
Grab a treat - picture overload!
*Keep in mind that this along with my freezer, and a cabinent corner turntable is all the storage I've got for food!  This is has been a project for me.  I've tried to keep it simple yet organized while not spending much.  Here we go...
Sorry, this is the only before pic I could find.

This is how I stay organized.  I made this from a piece of metal, added the lines from small black tape found at an office supply store.  I laminated the calendar pieces (from a scrapbook kit that I bought a few years ago), then added magnents, and, finally, used a few organizing holders from the Dollar Store.
 Shelley painted her walls and added vinyl.  So Cute! 
I went the easy route and used Con-Tact paper that I already had.
 Easy to apply and can be wiped off if something gets spilled on it.
 Cut off the excess.
Left side.
Right side.
Food Storage: 5 gal. buckets with gamma lids (a must).
Water storage.
I hate having the griddle and the art supplies in the pantry, but it has to go somewhere!
We broke down and bought a 3 month supply of dailybread.  It is actualy really tasty.
And I HATE having these extra things here but, again, it has to go somewhere.
This new plug is my 2nd FAVORITE part of the pantry.  My brother-in-law put this in just a few weeks ago for my wheat grinder.  I love it!
This is my FAVORITE part: the treat section. The target bag is full of Halloween candy!
Baking goods, and goos (for biking/running).
 I really tried to do like Shelley and use baskets or boxes to keep thing organinzed.
Paper storage, cleaning products, and extra items like stud finder, bag of batteries, a picker-upper, lights etc., in the basket.  One day I will get around to panting the added shelf.
I hope you enjoyed my pantry tour!

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  1. Whoo HOO! Everything looks AMAZING! I love the design of the paper you used on the back!!!
    SO creative :)
    Don't you just LOVE a nice organized space!?
    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this with me!