Saturday, January 29, 2011

Quick Finds!

While I was out and about this week I found some good finds that I would like to share.

1: Containers for my organization - $1 each (Dollar Tree in Riverdale, UT). 
They are perfect and the price is right!  They have two sizes.  I bought several in both sizes.
Before: I used empty chocolate covered raisin containers (Costco).  I was going to remove or cover the labels but never did.  For $1 I decided to throw them away and use...
*I am really embarrassed with how many chocolate covered raisin containers we have.  Wow, they are a great find (but watch out, as you can tell, they're addicting).

2: Tree tent - $7.48 (Target in Riverdale, UT)
Target had a lot of pop-up tents for $5-$13,  different shapes, Disney themed, and other characters. 
So cute!

You will have to wait and see where I put this!

3: 3 Sport Bras - $9.98 (Sam's Club in Riverdale, UT)
These are super comfy. 3 sports bras for under $10.  You can't beat that.
Have a HAPPY weekend!

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