Thursday, March 31, 2011

Families Are Forever

My Mom, Sisters and their Hubbies!  (Dad is working inside so he couldn't come out)
Tomorrow the Ogden Temple will be closed for remodeling (demolition).  They are literally tearing it down to its footings and rebuilding it to make it earthquake proof.  It kinda makes me sad.  Patrons have been able to perform sacred temple ordinances there since the early 1970's and will continue when the renovation is complete.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has temples across the world to provide opportunities to perform these sacred ordinances. 
Church members in this temple district are looking forward to the
time when the renovation will be completed. 
Did you know that the Ogden Temple was the first temple dedicated in the
"state" of Utah?  The earlier temples (St. George, Salt Lake, etc)
were dedicated when Utah was a territory!
For more information about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day temples check out
We are so blessed to have so many temples close by.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

General Conference Packets

My family after the adoption of M!
I am so excited for this weekend.  I get to watch church on TV, and stay in my comfy clothes all day long.  I don't even have to shower if I don't want to.
I'm sure my family will tell me that I need one! has great General Conference packets for the little ones to do while listening to Conference.  They include nursery age to teen.  I am printing these out for my girls and maybe even one for me and The Mr.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Duct Tape

Last summer we went to Disneyland.  We needed a double stroller for our girls so we borrowed then was given this stroller that was in perfect condition.  Thanks Nancy!!!  After many uses the foot strap broke.  The stroller is in great condition and I love it, so I found a way to make my own foot strap.  After trying a few different things we found that Duct Tape worked the best.  Did you know that Duct Tape comes in a variety of colors?  So fun!
Here's how I fixed it...
Before pics.
First thing I did was completely remove the foot straps.
I started with a small piece of duct tape in the center (on the back side)
then a long piece on top and around the pole.
Then I repeated that on the other side.
Then I used a a small piece of tape in the middle
connecting the two pieces together.
This is a picture of the back side.
I put a long piece of duct tape over the exposed tape.
I started all over again and repeated the process 2 more times.
I wanted a finished edge so I wrapped the Duct Tape around the strap like this.
I then put the little ones to work in making sure it will hold up.
I even had both girls stand on them.  So far so good!
Now we need a vacation!!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Scrapbook Expo Recap

As you know, I was able to get away for the weekend with some of my girlfriends...
Wearing a crown has been a 4 year tradition of ours.  
Why? Because princesses gave no responsibilities, no chores or jobs to do, someone else cares for their children, and they can
spend money on whatever they want. 
We had a blast!  We didn't get a lot of sleep or do a lot of scrapbooking, but we did do a lot of laughing, shopping, and this...
It was so fun to see the latest trends in scrapbooking, fashion,
accessorizing, and goodies.
I am so excited to share with you my great finds!!!

Jane and Me Jewelry is so fun!!!  It is fresh, new, and elegant.  I LOVE IT.  I got myself a few items and my Mom's Mother's Day gift too.  Mom if you are reading, please close your eyes NOW!
I think she will love it! 
Check this beauty out!!!  So fun.  Well, it can be yours!  Just leave a comment saying what your favorite item is from this post.  I'll pick a winner this Friday, April 1st. *Remember, you must be a follower to participate. 
We can be BFF's with matching necklaces!

I love stamps and these are so CUTE!  They had other cute stuff, too.  Like chalkboards (which I bought), magnets, and cute cake stands (which I got, too).
Oh the possibilities with these babies.  They are so cute!

These are my favorite albums.  I got 3 for $15.  What a dang good steal!
I love their sheet protectors, too.

Kiwi Lane produces designer templates that help save you time, money, and facilitate your creativity.  Just place the templates on your paper, move them around and watch as unique and professional designs spring to life before your eyes!  All of the designer templates work together, which equals endless possibilities.  Brilliant Idea.  I wish I had them all!!!

Tired of cords everywhere?  I am!  Apple Core cord organizers are a great solution to that and they are so cute.  They come in small, medium, and large .  They also come in several different colors.  I will be doing a review in April, so I'll let you know what I think.  So far I LOVE THEM!!!

I had the large Apple Core on the counter and little M was rolling it around.  It fell to the floor.  She climbed down and wrapped her little hand around it, grunted, and pretended that she was lifting weights.  It was so stinkin' cute.  So, they can also be used as baby weights!!!

These girls are from the Logan, UT area.  I've got to make it up there.  They are a clothing, scrapbooking, fabric, and accessorizing boutique.  Such a cute booth.  I love my new fabric!

How do you clean your glasses?  I clean my sunglasses with the bottom of my shirt.  Well, not any more now that I have a Spudz Cleaner.  It is the perfect size and it has a clip so it can be attached to your camera, carried in your purse,  or practically anywhere.   
This one can be yours.  Just leave a comment saying what your favorite item is from this post.  I'll pick a winner this Friday, April 1st.
*Remember, you must be a follower to participate. 

Nothing Bundt Cakes was offering FREE SAMPLES both days.  I think I walked past 6 times!!!  Please don't tell them.  They are SOOOO delish!  I am not a huge chocolate fan (I like it, but don't love it), but I recommend the Chocolate Chocolate Chip.  It is amazing!  If you are in Sandy, UT (10389 S. State Street) you have to check them out.  You won't be disappointed.  I brought one home to share with my family and it was gone in 30 seconds! 
Please, Nothing Bundt Cakes, come up north!

According to Die Cuts With a View we will now be seeing
ball gowns made with paper instead of fabric. 

This was a fun weekend, but it is sure good to be back home.  I really missed my family.  When I got home, our house was clean and our girls where bathed
(my two favs - clean home and clean kids).
I truly have the best husband ever!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011


855 Heritage Park Boulevard Layton, UT 84041 - (801) 525-1100

Want to try fresh Mexican food?  Try Bandidos!  They opened 15 months ago and brought all their recipes  from the northwest of Mexico.  They don't use microwaves in their kitchen,and they make every meal to order.  Everything is made daily or sometimes twice daily.  They offer take-out orders, have catering services, and also have a banquet room.  Martin, the owner, comes around to each table to make sure  everything is to the customer's satisfaction.  Talk about service.  I personally love the sweet pork (which is not on the menu but you can order it) smothered with tomatillo sauce and chili verde.  DELISH!  Their chips and salsa are very yummy.  Salty with a little sweetness.  I am craving it now!  Give it a try and tell Martin that Staci from dang good finds sent you!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Peace Out Baby

I am so excited for this weekend.  I am headed to the Scrapbook USA Expo
in Sandy, Utah.  This is an annual tradition with my girlfriends.  We head out first thing Friday morning and come home late Saturday night.  We have a blast.
I come home exhausted!  We find all sorts of good deals, good treats, and have a great time.  A few things I like to take with me are: a good pair of shoes, lots of money, a few things to scrapbook just in case I get tired of shopping, and my phone so when we get separated then we can find each other. 

If you go and see me there be sure to say hello and let me know
if you have found any good finds! 

See you there!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Upcycled Shirt

I have found myself sewing a lot lately and wanted to show you my latest upcycle.  The Mr. loves to wear button up plaid shirts.  I grabbed on of his shirts after I was inspired when I found & her tutorial here
This girl is amazing.  I spent hours reading read her blog and love everything she does!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Knit Dress Tutorial

I found this dress from Shabby Apple and absolutely loved it but just couldn't bring myself to pay $86.  So, I headed to Downeast for some shirts to see if I could make my own!  I bought a shirt for $10 (could have spent less but I loved this one), and three camisoles in the biggest size they had.  I spent a
total of $21 and some change.
The first thing I did was wash all of the shirts, just in case they shrunk.  Then, I tried on the shirt and used a cami for the skirt.  Thanks E for taking my pic (don't mind that I have on a yellow shirt underneath.  I was too lazy to take it off).  I pinned where I wanted them to meet up like this...

 Then the fun part began...I cut off the bottom of the shirt (where I pinned it) and the top of the cami.
*I had to use three different colors of cami's because they didn't have three of the same color, but I love how it turned out.
 I measured how long my skirt was (20") and divided it by 4 (for 4 ruffles) so I would know how long to make my ruffles.  I actually made mine 6" so that they would overlap each other (and that was the max that I could do with the material I had).
 I sewed the shirt and skirt together.  Make sure you pull a little on the material or when you try it on the stitch will pop and you will have to sew it again!  Trust me, this is an important step.
Next, cut the ruffles out.  I did this twice (2 ruffles per cami).  I cut off the bottom to get rid of the hem.
*The ruffles below are 6" lengths by whatever the width  if the camis are.
Next I cut off the seams because I needed to piece them together to make them long enough to gather.  I also wanted all the seams to look the same.  You don't have to do this but I think it looks better.  
This gave me six pieces so I took three for each ruffle.  Then I sewed them together.
Like this...
Then, on one side of the band, I used my sewing machine like this to make a ruffle.  Don't hem the other end.  Knit will not fray! 
Then, mark out where you want the ruffle to go and sew each ruffle onto the skirt.
*Two things I learned...
1- Use chalk for your markings, and
2- Pull on your fabric while sewing your ruffles on or the seams will pop on you when you sit down!
 With the left over fabric make something for your hair!

Monday, March 21, 2011

You So Totally Rock!

When I started this blog I thought, "why do a blog when there are so many GREAT blogs out there.  Will anyone really want to know about or care what about the things I say or love?  Well I am one HAPPY GIRL...I now have 10 followers!!!  I'm excited about that and think it is pretty cool.  Now if I can only get my sisters to follow I could have 13!!!  Thanks so much for your comments and for following.  As Crush from Finding Nemo would say,
"You so totally rock!"  

*(For my 10 followers) Since you make me Happy I want to make you Happy by sending you a small gift.  Shoot me an email at with your name and address.  This is so fun! 

*I would like to do fun things like this more often so if you are not already a follower go ahead and add yourself !!!

Have a Great Week!

Saturday, March 19, 2011


E tries everything she can to stay up late, including this.  Don't know how or why she did this, but it took about 20 minutes to get the comb out. 
I seriously love this girl, but please go to bed!