Thursday, June 16, 2011


Pic courtesy of Fox 13 News
Last night we found out that we may be evacuated from our home because of the flooding of a river near us.   What do we take?  Where do we go?  Well, we are very blessed to have family nearby but what about those who don't?  And what about those whose homes will be flooded?  I have been through a major flood before and it is horrible.  So for now we are praying and having faith that we will not have to leave (and taking a few things upstairs!).
This is a good reminder to really think about what is important and to be ready if we have to leave.  Our city has an emergency preparedness program.  The program includes a reverse 911 call system that allows the city to contact individuals to inform them of emergencies or evacuation orders.  Does your city do that?  If so, are you registered?  I just registered my number and you should to!  I'll keep you informed if anything happens.

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