Friday, June 17, 2011

Can Safe

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Where do you store your valuables?  Well, I don't really have any but when I found this idea I loved it!  I think that all you would have to do is cut the bottom off of a can with a smooth edge can opener, empty and clean it out, glue an empty bottle (that has a screw lid) that is about the same size as the can to the top of the can and glue the lid of the bottle to the lid of the bottom of the can.  That way your valuables will be safe and out of sight.
You may want to use a can of something that you normally don't use so that your kids 
or the baby sitter wouldn't try to open it!
I would love to store treats that I don't want to share
with anyone or maybe my expo money in something like this .

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Dave -
 I like the Plain white socks. My wife would probably want me to have
a cool design, but I like the Plain white. 
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