Tuesday, June 7, 2011

100 Miles ON MY BIKE

Last Saturday I checked "riding my bike 100 miles" off my bucket list.
What a blast!
It was a 50's theme ride so we decided to make poodle skirts.
I found the easiest tutorial over at Made.
With lots of help I made 13 skirts: 4 black and 9 pink!
Here are my fun biking friends.

My friend, Karen, and her black skirt.
This tasty treat was found at all of the stops.
And now can be found in my pantry!
Oreos + Peanut Butter = Delish
55 miles - over half way there.

This table cracked me up with all of our essentials!
{This is totally an all girls ride}
Girly items, bug spray, sunscreen, and medication.  I think we are set!
Almost there- my bum is sure feeling it.
We did it.  Thanks girls for such a fun ride.
I am so glad I did this and that I never have to do it again!!!
6 hours and 24 minutes on my bike is a long time. 

I learned a lot of things like...
New hand signals on a bike.
ALWAYS use sunscreen on your legs or you will get fried!
Drink a recovery drink (like Cytomax) or your legs will hurt.
HAVE FUN or you will not make it!
Our AWESOME Support Crew (aka MARV and DENISE) put this video together.
Rated pg for one mildly off color word.

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