Monday, May 16, 2011

Upcycled "Minnie" Skirt

A friend of mine gave us a huge bag of dresses.  We love hand-me-downs.
While trying on the dresses we found this one.  E didn't love it but
I loved the material...It was screaming "Minnie" skirt!
 First off I cut off the flowers at the bottom using the shape of the skirt.
Like this...
 After measuring the length that I wanted I cut off the top part of the skirt.
Like I did on the bottom.
 I then hemmed the bottom of the skirt.
 Next, I added wide elastic that fit E's waist measurement.
I pulled on the elastic as I sewed it so it gathered at the waist of the skirt.
 So easy and I loved how it turned out!
Look at those muscles!!!

I found this in Downtown Disney.  Isn't it so cute? 
Another project!

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