Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Iron Girl 2011

Did you know that there is a lake in Las Vegas?  I had no idea until I did the
Iron Girl Triathlon.  Lake Las Vegas is about 20 min away from the strip.
It is g-ourgeous.  We stayed at the Lowes Hotel right on Lake Las Vegas.
101 Montelago Boulevard
Lake Las Vegas, Nevada
Phone: (702) 567-6000
Reservations: (877) 285-6397
 This is their pool. We didn't get to use it because it was too windy.
This is the back of the Hotel (where we swam).
I want to go back and stay there again.

Here are some pics of Iron Girl Sprint Triathlon.
Thanks Jen (she is the one who introduced me to tri's). I had a blast!!!
I love my cheering section!
During the swim I got kicked in the face - this has never happened before.  When people have asked me if I get trampled on during the swim I have always told them no.  Swimmers are usually staggered so it is not a problem.  Well, now I can't say that.  The officials started this race 30 minutes late due to the wind, so they had us all go one after the other like cattle (hardly any staggering).  The woman who kicked me, kicked  pretty hard (at one point I saw stars).  In fact, I had a bloody nose through most of the cycling section.  Come to find out I didn't have a bloody nose just a cut on the side of my nose that wouldn't stop bleeding.  I think my nose plugs (which now I know I don't really need. I lost them after she kicked me and finished without them) are what cut me.  I also had a bruise under my eye from my goggles.  So, due to lake water I had an EMT check me out
just to make sure that the cut was clean and I was good to go!
Will I do another one?
Yes!  I'll just be a little more cautious in the water.

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