Tuesday, May 10, 2011

SLR Camera Bag

A few weeks ago I was stressing about how to carry my big camera around Disneyland.
I really wanted a Jo Tote 

(I LOVE this one
but I bought new road bike shoes instead.  
A friend of mine  found the perfect camera bag for our SLR cameras.
Thanks, Cristi!
  I forgot to take a before pic so this pic is one I found on line in a different color and no wallet.
 I really needed it to go over my shoulder so it could be hands free,
so I added a shoulder strap.
This is the Lily Bloom triple satchel bag. I found it at Sears.
On the outside pockets I added grommets similar to this. 
(It was the biggest one I could find and it came with the tool to set it)
Then I needed to protect my camera.
I found and old shoe box that was for kids' sized shoes (I think around a size 1).  I cut down one of the sides so I could have an opening, and hot glued foam to pad the sides. I also added duct tape (my favorite) to the raw edges just to finish it off.  That part is optional!
It was a perfect fit.
Notice in the above pic that I added an O ring.
I couldn't get my strap hardware  to clip on any other way.
I later added another O ring to the other side.
Before I found my shoe box I found that a
cereal box and a changing pad worked too!
I used a strap from another bag and, Voilà.  Good to go!
Hands free camera bag.
By the way, this worked out really great on our trip!!!

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