Monday, August 1, 2011

Home On Wheels

As a child the closest thing I ever came to camping was staying in a tent in the back yard.  We never went camping as a family but as I got older, I went to girls camp.  I had a great time but I really didn't enjoy roughing it in the dirt.  I really am not high maintenance but for me there is nothing better than not making my bed, eating out, and staying nice and clean and cool when I'm traveling.  You could almost say I am a hotel snob!  Over the years we have camped a few times (don't care much for sleeping on the hard ground in a sleeping bag) but I have had fun.  Since our girls are getting older we have begun entertaining the idea of getting a trailer.  There are a few requirements that we have: AC, shower, and everything in working order.  BUT, I don't want to pay a ton.  We have been searching around for a good find, and here are a few that I love.  It is funny, The Mr. wants new and I want old.  I would love to have a fixer upper but we know nothing about this sort of thing.
Here are some cute finds!!!
Meet Taco 
(found Taco while searching for vintage trailers on Google)
Taco was purchased for $300 and fixed up.   
Before                                               After 
SO CUTE!  I would love to have this trailer!

Another love,
 Super sweet, right?
This is my idea of camping!

This is what The Mr. wants... 

If we bought new I would choose this...
Look at the little biker on the left side!  Love it.
It is so fun to dream!

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  1. Don't do it. Stay a Hotel Snob. Much better, because I'm one too!