Monday, August 15, 2011

Headband Storage

I love headbands.
In fact, I have quite a collection.  Some I just love to look at and others I love to wear.  Either way I had to find a solution to my mess.  Check out how I organized my headbands.
Before                                After
I used two empty oat canisters.
First off, I super glued them together.  I glued the bottoms together so that I can use the open ends of the empty canisters for more storage.  Then I added my "favorite" duct tape to secure the glue. 
With some paper and ribbons I covered my canisters. 
I also decorated the top.
It doesn't look the best but it works! 
Add headbands!
I love that I can take off the lid to hide more headbands.  
Much better!

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