Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Look What We Finally FOUND!

A Trailer!!!
We are so excited!  We can't wait go somewhere.  More pics to come.  We are still trying to get organized.  We hope to have it always ready so if we want to go on a whim all we have to do is pack some food and head out! 
Last weekend we decided we would sleep in it (out in front of our house).  Our girls were so excited.  I think E told every person she saw that we were sleeping in our trailer.  Well it started out great.  They shared (or we thought they would love to share) the bunk.  M wanted no part in it.  She was all over the place.  So we put her in bed with us.  She couldn't get comfortable.  Then to the couch bed.  Finally about midnight we headed in were we slept the remainder of the night.  Crazy.  Next time we are going to bring her playpen and try that.  Hopefully that will help!!! We'll see. 
Until tomorrow, HAPPY TRAILS TO YOU!


  1. Congrats! Have a blast. Can't wait to see pictures of what you do with the inside!