Friday, August 5, 2011

Spudman 2011

Last weekend we headed up to the Spudman Triathlon.  It is home of the fastest swim (we swam in the Snake River along with the current).  Spudman is an Olympic tri which includes a 1 mile swim, 25 mile bike ride, and a 10K run.  I participated in this last year and loved it.  The locals are amazing.  They stick their sprinklers in the middle of the road and turn them on cool off
the competitors during the run.
Thank you for that.  It is so refreshing.
If you're into tris and ever get the chance you should do this one.  It is a blast! 
Can you find my bike?
Cool sight!  This is a HUGE race.  Lots of participants.

Total time 2:36:19 - New PR by 6 min!!! 
Me and the guys.
(I need some girl power! hint hint girls)
My SUPPORT CREW in their matching shirts.  Thanks for your support.  I loved hearing "Go Stac"  It makes all the difference in the world.  Thanks to my aunt Lynn and uncle Stan for the great accommodations and hospitality.  It was such a fun weekend.  We left M with my sisters.  We sure missed her but 
THANKS for watching her. 
Thanks Jen K for being my personal camera crew!
These pictures are awesome.

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