Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Zhu Zhu Clothes

My girls love accessorizing their Zhu Zhus.  I was having a hard time paying a lot for Zhu Zhu clothes so I found a way to make them.
Here are a few that I have made.
All you need is a sewing machine, scraps of fabric, and ponytail holders.
Use your Zuh Zuh as your guide to see how long/wide you want your clothes.
I surged aroung all 4 sides.  If you don't have a surger, zig zag the edges.
I don't like raw edges.  They fray.
Then I turned 3 sides so they were finished.
The 4th side is wrapped around the ponytail holder and sewn.
All done!
This is what it looks like under the Zuh Zuh!

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