Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Painted Rug

As a child my parents painted a hopscotch pattern on our driveway.  I spent many hours hopping around on it!  I have wanted to paint one at our house but I live in an HOA so I can't.  I found this rug at the local
"do it yourself" store on clearance. 

I know that I could have bought this but I wanted to MAKE them one!
Before                                  After
I used blue (painter's) tape to tape off my lines.
It didn't stick very well but it worked.
I painted the lines with fabric paint,
removed tape, and let the rug dry overnight.
Now, this was the fun part.  I made numbers stencils with my
silhouette and freezer paper.
Note: Carpet and irons don't get along very well!!! Be sure to only use the tip of the iron to get the freezer paper to stick.

Paint your numbers and let them dry.
Next, I made a hobby tah (that is what we called it as kids) or bean bag. 
I used  two squares of fabric and sewed 3 1/2 sides leaving an opening for beans.
I found using a piece of rolled up paper to be the easiest way to fill the bag.
Sew around the edges.
All done!
Because of the wet spring weather we have a hopscotch in our hallway.
It's a lot of fun.
I think we might leave it there year round!!!


  1. That is SO COOL! I love how creative you are!!! I haven't heard the word hobbyta in a LONG time!

  2. Love it! You were featured, did you see on Ucreate?! Congrats!!