Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Got Nails?

While shopping at Ikea I found this cute tray.
It is small, sturdy, and easy to carry.  I didn't know what I was going to do with it
but I thought I could find something to put in it!
Being a mom of 2 little girls we like to paint our nails a lot!!!
We have quite a lot of suff/colors to choose from.  
The tray is perfect for our nail stuff. 
Here are my nail must-haves!
I don't know what this is called but you can get it at any beauty supply store for under $1.  It was fun to paint the plastic nails so that my girls can pick out the color of nail polish they want without them actually touching the polish!  When you need to repaint the plastic nail all you do is remove it with nail polish remover then paint it again.  So fun!
Sally Hanson Kwik Off nail polish remover.  It is seriously the best invention ever. 
It is a big sponge filled with polish remover. 
All you do is put your hand in the container and move it around. 
It takes the polish right off!
And, of course, you need nail clippers, polish, files, a little nail art, and you are set.


  1. Brilliant!!! I have been looking for something like thei Stace!!!! For my bottle collection that I've been gettin'!
    Ummmm next time you head to Ikea...I'm going with ya!

  2. I LOVE this idea! I am totally going to get my polishes organized like yours so I can remind myself to paint my girls nails more often!!!