Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Valentine Finds

Remember this ...
well this is what I found!
I got all of this (new Downeast white v-neck shirt, new Downeast blue under shirt tank top, cradle, two towels, and a burp cloth) for...
$21.90 at Downeast Home.
Most of their items have names on them (that is why they are so inexpensive).  We found this Pottery Barn cradle for $9.00.  E wanted it so bad for her baby so we had to get it!  This is how we made it our own.

This is what it looked like before!
 E decided what paper to use.  Then I made a pattern with waxed paper
(because I could see through it) and a marker like this.
*I used the back side because it was the same as the inside
but much easier to trace!
Then I cut it out to make sure it fit.
I traced my pattern on the back side of my paper and cut it out.
We did two to cover each end.
 I modge podged the paper into the area and then glued the rockers on.
*Let dry over night! 
Perfect for E's baby.
Thanks for stopping in today!

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