Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Knit Dress Tutorial

I found this dress from Shabby Apple and absolutely loved it but just couldn't bring myself to pay $86.  So, I headed to Downeast for some shirts to see if I could make my own!  I bought a shirt for $10 (could have spent less but I loved this one), and three camisoles in the biggest size they had.  I spent a
total of $21 and some change.
The first thing I did was wash all of the shirts, just in case they shrunk.  Then, I tried on the shirt and used a cami for the skirt.  Thanks E for taking my pic (don't mind that I have on a yellow shirt underneath.  I was too lazy to take it off).  I pinned where I wanted them to meet up like this...

 Then the fun part began...I cut off the bottom of the shirt (where I pinned it) and the top of the cami.
*I had to use three different colors of cami's because they didn't have three of the same color, but I love how it turned out.
 I measured how long my skirt was (20") and divided it by 4 (for 4 ruffles) so I would know how long to make my ruffles.  I actually made mine 6" so that they would overlap each other (and that was the max that I could do with the material I had).
 I sewed the shirt and skirt together.  Make sure you pull a little on the material or when you try it on the stitch will pop and you will have to sew it again!  Trust me, this is an important step.
Next, cut the ruffles out.  I did this twice (2 ruffles per cami).  I cut off the bottom to get rid of the hem.
*The ruffles below are 6" lengths by whatever the width  if the camis are.
Next I cut off the seams because I needed to piece them together to make them long enough to gather.  I also wanted all the seams to look the same.  You don't have to do this but I think it looks better.  
This gave me six pieces so I took three for each ruffle.  Then I sewed them together.
Like this...
Then, on one side of the band, I used my sewing machine like this to make a ruffle.  Don't hem the other end.  Knit will not fray! 
Then, mark out where you want the ruffle to go and sew each ruffle onto the skirt.
*Two things I learned...
1- Use chalk for your markings, and
2- Pull on your fabric while sewing your ruffles on or the seams will pop on you when you sit down!
 With the left over fabric make something for your hair!


  1. WOW-I said it in church, and I'll say it again!!! WOW! I just can't believe you made yourself a dress!!! you are so talented and I am seriously in AWWW of you right now! Once this baby is out, I want to make my own, but until then, just wear yours every Sunday so I can admire it more!

  2. I obviously didn't see you in it....I would have remembered! That is darling!