Saturday, March 12, 2011


When you do something really good do you reward yourself?  I do - it is the only way to get through the pain sometimes.  Well this is crazy but I am a
When I drive past it it calls my name and the drive through makes it is so convenient.  While running around it is a great snack and it is low fat!!! Even better.  I often find myself driving through even when my girls are asleep in the back seat and treating myself to a little pleasure. 

Well...I have gone 15 days ice cream free. 
I tried to stop last night, on my way to scrapbook with some friends,
but I took to much time at Target and by the time I got done
I didn't have time to run to Mickey D's. 

Have you given up something that you love?  Way to go!!!
It is hard I hope this is worth it. 
*I am hoping that it will help me in my races this summer.
How many days have you gone?  I would love to hear your success.
Leave a comment on what you are doing to better your health. 
Together we can learn from each other!

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