Thursday, July 21, 2011

Play Room

Welcome to our play room!!!
This has been quite a project and we are finally done and ready to play.
Side note:  My girls always end up together at night so we moved them into the same room and now use M's room as a play room.  The tree on the wall matched her bedding {it was painted freehand by me and my friend, Jen C}.
I didn't want to paint over it so we left it.
They now play in there for hours and LOVE IT!  I do, too!
 I spray painted this piece of metal {found at Home Depot} and hung it on the wall to hang the kids' art work!  I purposely hung it high enough
that my girls couldn't reach it so that their art wouldn't get ruined.
My dad made these STRONG magnets.  Super neat.
I found this frame at a thrift store, removed the glass
and lovely picture, and spray painted it white.
I found this darling owl at the Quilted Bear {Craft Boutique}
and hung him with my favorite things.
 View: Left Wall
 View: Right Wall
I wanted a little more pink so I took embroidery floss and pink circle stickers and added some decoration to the ceiling.  I used two dots for
every dot and sandwiched the floss in the middle of them. 
 I love how it turned out.
I used clear push pins, wrapped the floss around them, and
pushed them into the area where the wall and ceiling meet.
*So far it has held up great. 

The desk was a gift.  The girls use it all the time for playing and coloring.
Our beanbag is from Target.
It makes a great spot to read! 
Thanks for visiting today - stop by again and play.

Most of the time the playroom looks like this!!!
 I love having all the toys in one room and that I can just close the door!

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