Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Make It Fit!

 I have found a way to make my stretched out swimsuit work!
The only thing that is wrong with this swim suit is that it is a little stretched out/too low in the front.
(I wish I could fill it out!!!)

*Try your suit on first and determine how much you need to cut off.
First I unpicked the stitches at the shoulder (this is were my seam was). 
I love using a razor blade as my unpicker.  It is so much easier and it doesn't tear the fabric.
I had to unpick pretty far down because I was taking off a few inches.
I surged where I wanted the new seam.  If you don't have a surger, cut off the excess material then zig zag the seam back and forth several times.
Fold the sides over (like it was before you started).  Sew while pulling on the fabric - that way it will have a stretch to it without poping the stitch. Repeat this again so it has two rows of stiching

Repeat on the other side (matching it to the first side).
A new swim suit, well at least it fits that way!
It is a little snug around the arms but it will work!

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